Why Choose Us?

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You’ll need to wait as the homemade choux pastries are filled on order with cream and custard of different flavours but, rest assured, the wait is worth it. Check out the occasional limited time offers. Take-out only.

The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal

Point Of View

Take a break in this cutesy dessert store where everything, from the cream puff to the caramel sauce, is made in-house. 

Rich flavours such as cream brûlée, toffe and Earl Grey and tiramisu.  can be enjoyed the creative choux, and smothered in sweet toppings.

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Point Of View

About Us



OWLS's is a boutique shop who are focus on the handcrafted pastry. Freshly baked Choux pastry is our signature product.

In 2017 - 2024, we are honoured to be listed in "Michelin Guide Recommendation". To execute this responsibility, we look forward to welcoming everyone of you to serve and share our love.

We promise our resources are the best ingredients from the flavourful origins, assort with the accurate baking process.  Staff prepare the food very carefully in every single steps and we always remind ourselves our goal is to share our love by food.

我們是一家本地香港自創品牌,及做法式泡芙的專門店。 我們的產品重點是有不同口味及口感的奶油泡芙,我們更熱愛致力於設計獨特新穎的創新產品,定期更會有獨特口味推出。 在2017 - 2024年我們更有幸地獲得米芝蓮推介, 驅使我們要對食物的尊敬外,  品牌還對品質有嚴格要求及保證,用料也是精心挑選,並以天然及吃得健康為大前題,在執著追求產品優化的同時,同時注重履行企業社會責任及宣揚"誠實"食品的概念。


We are located in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Opposite side of K11 shopping mall.   Nearby MTR Exit N1

 我們的店舖位於尖沙咀麼地道32號地鋪H, 鄰近k11商場及地鐵站 N1 出口

Where Us

G/F, Shop H, Lyton building, 32 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Business Hour

Tuesday - Sunday ( limited choux, first come first served, closed until sold out)


Monday Closed 特別留意:每逢星期一休息

Public Holiday open as usual